Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's With Moki

So der be's a few things happening in me's life which I would likes to shares with you all's dis week. Da first thing be's me's physical rehabs appointment last Friday. Mommy and I was running reals late to me's appointment cause we's got stucks in lots and lots of traffic due to all da road construction going on around da bay area. We actually ended up being about 20-25 minutes late to our 45 min appointment at Scout's House. Since we's be running so lates to our appointment we hads a berry shorts session but it all be's goodie cause we hads more dan enough times to do's me's hydrotherapies which seems to be one of da treatments I be's besty at's. So I's spent a full eight minutes on da water threadmill after which I received my's laser therapy. Below be's some of da pics from last Friday's physical rehabs session.

In other news I would likes to tells you alls about an auction I is having on Facebook. Da auction has many great items up for bids, be's to raise money for all me's medical expenses, and will runs from 12:01 am, Aug. 4th thru 9:00 pm (pacific time), Aug. 13th. If you would likes to stop by's and checks out da auction just clicks on da Facebook link above.

Der are tons of great items up for bids like dis adorable sweatshirt which was donated by

And dis cool Cat Von Scratchula VAMPIRE CAT print which was donated by Deborah V.

So stops by's and checks it out if you gets a chance.


  1. That's awesome woo are doing water therapy mate! Hope it makes woo feel good:) Play bows,


  2. Oh Moki! I just saw you on Must Love Cats and you have stolen my heart!!! I have 4 precious cat babies of my own and my two youngest were very sick as kittens but thankfully they grew up to be big healthy cats! :D I hope that you keep on going and getting stronger and enjoying your life! Tell your mama thank you from me, just for being such a wonderful, loving human!!! Xoxo