Sunday, August 28, 2011

Horatio The 3 Legged Cat from Kentucky

Friends, I apologize for the delay in my post as Hurricane Irene had me occupied yesterday. Today I would like to share my friend, Mary, and her three legged rescue kitten, Horatio. Mary has several rescue cats in her home, and one day heard a terrible screaming from a ditch near her home. She went to investigate and found a small gray kitten bleeding with a back right leg hanging off. Mary took the kitten home, as she is a nurse, and got him warm and stable to take to her vet office. Horatio had been shot, and sustained a serious fracture which would require the removal of the leg. Plus his kidneys had been hit the bullet and he had blood in his urine. Mary did not have the funds for such an expensive surgery, but with the power of Chip Ins and Facebook, the money was raised in less than 48 hours for the surgery. Horatio is now home and recovering very well under Mary's care. His staples are out, and he moves quickly, learning to not let his disability hinder his life. He chases the other cats, plays, and takes the stairs as if he had 4 legs. We can all learn a lesson from Horatio, first, never give up on a life. It may seem daunting, but ask for help. Horatio is a living testament of this. Second, do not let a disability take away from life, enjoy, play, love yourself for who you are, never let anyone make you feel different! Third, Mary never gave up on Horatio, and never had a second thought about helping this kitten who would have died in the ditch. Try to help an animal, make a call, stop at a vets, or a shelter, but never turn your back on an animal in need. Special needs animals can teach us so many lessons, and they in turn, show us just how normal their lives can be.