Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens

I thought I would give a basic overview of this condition for today's blog. This is a condition cats are born with due to an infection in the mothers' pregnancy; the condition affects the cerebellum which is responsible for co-ordination and balance. Cats do not die of this condition, and it isn't degenerative nor painful. CH cats live a full and happy life and are just have a little wobble. These are loving, sweet cats who need a little extra TLC in their home. A few throw rugs to help with balance, and a deep bed with sides to support the cat are not much to provide. They eat the same food and use the same litter as other cats, but due to their needs, there may be a bit more of a mess to clean up. Tolerance, patience and pure love are keys to a forever home for a CH cat. Many times these cats are overlooked in shelters as they are deemed "different". Open your heart and home for a CH cat and you will never regret that decision. A head bonk from a wobbly cat will make you melt! As the proud Mom of a special needs cat who is blind, deaf and has motor skill issues from severe abuse, I can assure you that it the love from Sierra is given back to me tenfold. I would not hesitate to adopt a CH cat or kitten, and I hope you will consider it too!