Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wheelchairs Are Not Just for People!

We all know of someone who needs the use of a wheelchair in life, be it only temporary or at on a daily use basis. Well, pets can and do use wheelchairs too!! Some pets are born with disabilities which do not allow the full use of their legs, while others lose the use of their legs due to illness, age, an accident, or sadly, abuse. A quick search on Google shows various shapes, sizes and styles of wheelchairs for pets. Most pets do adapt to using their chair after patience and training. Pets that have limited use of the rear legs benefit by using the wheelchair, as they enable the pet to exercise for a longer duration of time and achieve a more intense exercise. Pets learn to both urinate and defecate while using their wheelchair. For those pets that are weak in the front legs, or need extra support, a saddle sling is an excellent option. When using any of these items, it is best to check the fit for comfort of the pet; friction sores can appear from skin rubbing on the straps, just like on human skin. Simple padding will prevent these sores. A wheelchair is an investment for a disabled pet, and help is available. There are sites that offer financial aid to owners of disabled pets; some vendors may even offer a discount on their unique design for your pet. Never give up hope for your pet; modern medical science, both human and animal, have made dramatic changes to better lives. Take advantage of these amazing items and help your disabled pet lead a fully and happy life!