Saturday, October 15, 2011

Acupuncture for Cats and Dogs

In today's world, our cats, dogs and equines are suffering from the same chronic issues that affect humans. Some of these issues include diabetes, musculoskeletal problems like arthritis, asthma, chronic pain, reproductive problems, paralysis, gastrointestinal problems and neurological disorders. There are many causes to these issues; the major impact appears to be the poor quality of foods sold for pets. Just as for humans, a poor diet can lead to weight gain and obesity, which can have all of the above side affects. Many vets are turning to a holistic approach to health problems; acupuncture has become a popular treatment. Acupuncture has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine; it's core belief is that disease is caused by an imbalance in the body; acupuncture will balance the energy and help the body heal itself. Acupuncture uses thin needles that are inserted into certain acupuncture points in order to stimulate the the flow of qi which is life force energy. The length of a treatment for a pet depends on the medical condition; some pets may need several treatments over time. Details can be found at the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society at While considering such treatment, diet and exercise will also benefit the pet and owner. I have personally seen success with these treatment at my shelter with Danny the Dog; he is semi paralyzed from being hit by car. His repeated weekly treatments have given him the ability to stand, take steps and move on his side without severe distress. Moki Fogg also posts his own sessions with acupuncture and does quite well. Please consider a holistic option to help your pet live their life to the very best quality possible!